Baseball 5 Inning Lines

There are a couple I really like when investing in 5 inning baseball lines. The first one is straight forward. You have a pitcher you really like. The full game line is something like -190 to -300.  You don`t want to give that juice so you bet it at a much lower price thru 5 innings. You have the pitcher you want, so you know he will pitch 5 great innings.  You give the .5 run thru 5 innings and cash the ticket. You have 5 full innings to score and you don`t have to worry about the bullpen. This edge will make you good money throughout the year.

This edge I like even more than the first one. There’s less overall risk.  As always, you need to research and plug in this edge. This involves finding a slight to average underdog. During your research you find out this dog can hit this pitcher. So, you have 2 bets to make where the chances of going 2-0 far outweigh the chances of going 0-2. You take the underdog +.5 and take the over 3.5 runs thru the 5 innings. There are only 4 ways to go 0-2 and that’s if your team trails after 5 innings, 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-0. So, when you see this run-line and total, you research, it all comes together for the perfect storm. This will make you money in the long run, BOOK IT SHIP IT!!!!!!

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