Baseball Totals

Most people consider themselves over investors while some think they are under investors. I’m a winning investor. Getting an edge is what its all about. I Love betting totals. There are many edges because you can take the game total or the teams total. Baseball Totals are about doing homework. You look at how the Pitcher is doing along with how that days line up has done against that pitcher. Hitting as well as pitching is contagious. Also look for streaks.

I love when I get a “HOLY GRAIL” total. These don’t come along every day but when they do You can win up to 6 bets in 1 game. Even if You are partially right you can go 4-1 or 5-1 on that one game. Its easier to go 6-0 with this than go 6-0 with 6 different games. So what is the “HOLY GRAIL”? Well You can do this with over or under,I prefer Over so here is what to look for. As Always You must do your homework. When You find 2 teams that are hitting the ball well, then as you research You see both actually hit the pitcher really well especially the 3-6 hitters in the line up. Further research shows its hitters friendly ball park. You conclude that both pitchers would be lucky to pitch 5-6 innings. Bad bullpens are a bonus. The total on the game is 9. So you love the number also. Team total is 5 for one team 4 for the other. After research you conclude this will be an explosive game. You bet the Over 9 as that’s an easy call. But these teams are going to explode early. You take OVER 5 first 5 innings. You take BOTH teams to go over the total. Throw in OVER on RHE(runs hits er). 2nd half of game will go over as bullpens will pitch a lot. BOOM 6-0 in 1 game. Even if your part right you can go 4-2 because you know at least 1 pitcher will blow up. When researched properly and everything comes together for “The HOLY GRAIL” it is a fantastic experience.

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