Basketball Parlays

Parlays are parlays. I have the same take on parlays no matter what the sport. So, as you can see, if you have looked at the football parlay section, this is exactly the same.

I’m not much of a parlay investor. Parlays are NOT sucker bets. There are only winning and losing investments. Once in while I will take a shot at a parlay. Its difficult to win 1 game let alone 2,3,4,… When I invest at the bookmaker site, I can achieve free play. I might use some free play on parlays. I just tried a 10 team parlay for $1 (it was free play),the payoff would have been $654. Its fun, it was free, I did not win, but there was no risk.

Once in a while I might do a parlay so I can risk less to make money. If I have 2-3 games, but I do not want to risk 3 investments, I might just make it one investment. When I invest in a parlay, my investment will be less than my normal amount. I have fun with parlays. The only fun parlays are when I win OR when I play with a free play.

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