Basketball MoneyLine Parlays

I truly believe in MoneyLine parlays in basketball. There are plenty of NBA and college basketball to choose from on a nightly basis. Unlike football, you can invest on some ML Parlays many times a week and keep the number of teams down to 2-8. I enjoy the big favorites. With hoops you don`t have to worry as much about getting + or even money per investment. True, you try to get as close to even money on your nightly ML Parlay, but this edge is about the long term. So, if you have a Tuesday night 2 teamer that`s -150, that’s fine. When you start hitting 2,3,4,5  ML parlays in a row you are actually getting your + money. Keep in mind, you have to do your homework. You can`t just blindly pick big favorites and think this will work. Your main goal is to avoid the big upset. Don`t be afraid to take 8-10 point favorites that you think have a 90% chance of winning. If you don`t give your team a 90% chance of winning,  that team doesn’t qualify. BE SMART and you will be cashing many many winning tickets on basketball ML parlays.

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