Does volume kill the bettor. I hear this all to often that volume betting is a sure way to lose. People get volume betting mixed up with discipline. Now if you are betting just because the game is on TV or for the sole reason that its a big game then thats just breaking discipline. Now we all break discipline at one time or another. BUT contrary to popular belief volume betting does NOT kill the bettor. We all look for edges on any particular game. Say we go through all the games and we see 10-15 games in one day that we like…Why not bet them all. If you did your research and like what you see you bet them. If these same games were spread over 7 days you would see the edge and bet them all,but since you see them all in one day you don`t bet them?? Well that does not make sense. You could be betting 4 sports and there could be hundreds of games out there. So you could have so many edges that you like many games in a day. You know what really kills the bettor??? LOSSES. thats it end of story. Win 60% and your awesome. Win 50%+ on plus money games you are winning money. Do not just blindly accept blanket phrases. KEEP LEARNING and you will become a better bettor