Football Parlay

I’m not much of a parlay investor. Parlays are NOT sucker bets. There are only winning bets and losing bets. Once in while I will take a shot at a parlay. Its difficult to win 1 game let alone 2,3,4,… When I invest at bookmaker site I can achieve free play. I might use some free play on parlays. I just tried a 10 team parlay for $1, it was free play. The payoff would have been $654. Its fun, it was free, I did not win, but there was no risk.

Once in a while I might do a parlay so I can risk less to make money. If I have 2-3 games but I do not want to risk 3 investments, I might just make it one investment. When I invest in a parlay, my investment will be less than my normal amount. I have fun with parlays. The only fun parlays are when I win OR when I play with free play.

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