Football Teasers

I have become a teaser fan lately for the NFL. College football teasers I will not touch on here because it is not that strong of a play. In the NFL with oddsmakers doing such a great job on their lines we have great opps to win on Teasers. NFL teasers work best when You have a team favored by 7-8.5. In my mind teasing a team from 8 down to 2.5 is like getting your team even. Very few teams win by exactly 1 or 2 so there is great value when you do your homework and feel a team favored more than a TD will win. You take out the back door cover and give yourself a high % chance of winning. It is a fact that 6-7 point teasers should be -170 to -185. Also there is a reason why books limit the amount you can put on teasers. Be smart and you will find a lot of value in MFL TEASERS. I was not always a fan of teasers. I am not a great fan of college football teasers yet. I am flexible and always learning. Take advantage of my knowledge here. BE SMART and teasers will be a great weapon for you.

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