Football MoneyLine Parlay

This is my favorite type of investment.

Investing is about making money, but we all know we like the action. Moneyline parlays help us with both. Between college and pro football there are 50+ games to choose from every week. Now, I don`t like to mention a specific number of teams to put in a parlay, but people (me) like numbers so I will.  Optimum number, in my opinion, 4-10 teams is what I shoot for. I try to make it even money or better. But, if I love something like 4 teams but its -180 I will do it. Remember the #1 thing is cashing victories. I have learned to stay away from rivalries, especially in college football.  A 17+ point favorite in a rival game is not secure enough.

I want to be 90% certain that each team in the parlay will win. I love great coaches vs average teams anywhere. Its October 2015 so if I get a Bama or Ohio St. favored by 14+, they are in. Once in a while they make you sweat but they will find a way to win in the end. Also, with ML parlays it’s a feel. Yes, the big time teams have inflated lines, BUT they will win. There are never absolutes, these are edges I believe in. Do NOT blindly take big favorites (10-26 pt faves). If you haven’t researched those games do not throw it in. Watching a lot of football can give us a feel on teams that are solid. When I see shaky QB play from a solid team I might avoid them as a 20 pt ML team. Turnovers even things up quicker than anything. I always pick teams that shock me when they lose. Between research, watching teams and knowing the great coaches, you can build yourself an edge on ML Parlays. Also ML parlays keep you in action with less risk. My goal is having each team win by double digits. On October 17-18 I won a 9 team ML Parlay that paid 2-1. All 8 college teams won by double digits. That left Green Bay at home over SD and BOOOOM the PACK win by 3 yards. It cashed the ticket. GOOD LUCK and anyone who has agreement or disagreements or other angles just comment away.

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