HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Here at Sportshaveballs.com we will be growing this site and have a lot of fun so don`t miss out.I don`t like reading as much as I like watching videos and hearing the emotion. All my posts have been you have had to read. I will be making a video for all my tabs. All of the advice you see now under Baseball,Football,Basketball,soccer,other sports, and money management will all have a video.. So you will have the option of reading watching or both. Videos might give a bit more details. Sign up at this site sportshaveballs.com for FREE and you will get a notice everytime I finnish a post or video. Also we have forum where YOU can get involved and post. You can post your picks opinions. Even if you disagree with some of my theories,this is a great place for sports discussions. All I ask is that you keep it clean,respectful, and no insults here. Enjoy all the fun here and if youn eed an eacount to bet at just click on the bookmaker banner on sportshaveballs.com to sign up. My favorite teams are Syracuse(originally from there) Montana GRIZ(I Live in Missoula,MT) no NBA favorite which should help me in betting,NFL-Oakland Raiders,Baseball-NY Yankees,NHL-not a diehard but Boston Bruins, soccer english premeire league-Man City… Come on over to sportshaveballs.com and have some fun,Maybe I will post a video while watching bowl games-STAY TUNED