Money Management

I believe in money management. Some people use a bankroll and some people do not. There are many factors to consider.  Like, the amount and how often you invest. I believe in staying constant in the amount you invest on every game. Investing more in one game then another will lead you to the poor house. If you put yourself in a situation where you win 2 of 3 games and lose money, well that’s just ridiculous. There is more than one way to management money or bankroll. Below is exactly what I do.

I’m going to use a $500 bankroll as an example. If you would like to establish a bankroll the amount does not matter, just follow the percentages. So, yes I prefer starting with a bankroll. I invest 2% of my original bankroll on every game. So in this example I risk $10 per game. You only adjust your bet when you go up or down 50%. This helps with fluctuations, hot streaks, cold streaks, and gives you time to be consistent. So, when you get to $750, that’s your new bankroll!  NOW you invest 2% of $750 ($15) a game. Then just follow the steps again. Also, if you lose down to $250, you need to adjust to $5, which is 2%. This keeps you in the game and if you play smart you will gradually move up the ladder. So, remember, every time you go up 50%, readjust your investment. Also, if you play at Bookmaker and earn some free play, you can get that 50% faster. HAVE FUN and BE SMART.

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