Ok state vs Mississippi-FUN GAME!!!!

Oklahoma State has folded up as the competition got tougher. Mississipi has an ok defense but can let up points. Ole Miss scoring will not be a problem. They favored by 8.5 so there in lies the problem. But we are not forced to pick a side YAY for us. I cannot trust a Mississippi team that will allow 28+ points tonight. But on the other hand how can you trust a team that has folded against good competition. There is just one thing left to do. Take over 69.5 and root all those points in. For all you degenerates out there(like myself) the only problem is you will have this bet won by halftime or early 3rd qtr. The solution is after you sign up at bookmaker on sportshaveballs.com there is LIVE betting. You can actually LIVE bet all the bowl games,and all pro and college sports,along with soccer. ENJOY the 100 points in this game.