We all have been through good streaks and think we are the best of all time. We have all gone thru bad streaks and think this betting is impossible. Living day to day minute to minute on these game you need to be tough minded. You can put all the percentages in your favor but always realize this is about the long run. Day to to day your account can fluctuate its hard not to look at the amount you have every day. But if you are disciplined and put the same on every game you will be fine. As difficult as it is I suggest look how much is in your account January 1 then do not look till FEB 1. I have a tough time also but maybe check twice a month till you have discipline to check once a month. Be smart and don`t let espn fox or whoever tell you who to bet. They hit 50% at most with no spread. They also disagree just so there are people on each side…Their own words contradict,like saying defense wins titles but wait the casinos want me to say pats are a lock. BE SMART and bet what YOU think based on real research not TV research