The  myth is that betting on too many games is a sure way to the poorhouse. It is simply not true. You nevre know on a particular day how many games you might like. Maybe you will like 1 5 35 who knows. Some people need the perfect situation and then will pull the trigger. There is no ONE way to bet and make money. If you do bet lots of teams every day you must be smart. You do not just say hey they were good one time I will bet them. Its when you study or follow a good capper or HOWEVER you get your info. You find an edge and exploit it. You know hitting 60% is AWESOME. I believe I can hit enough to make money by taking 50-100 games a week. Also hitting 60% betting a handful of games is just as hard. So the REAL key is money management.  Check out my money management page and put that into practice if you would like to become a volume bettor. As a bettor you will have some ups and downs and money management will help you sustain any downturns. I suggest doing whats comfortable for you. I enjoy and profit with volume betting and you can also. Just click a bookmaker banner on this site fund your account and you can start today. These guys have been around well over 30 years and pay out whenever you like.