I was fortunate enough to go 10-0 on Wednesday 1//21. What a GREAT whip it out Wednesday it was. The purpose of this post is to show you how to react after a BIG day. Even if its a 10 game winning streak over a few day you get the same advice. The first thing you do is do your best HAPPY dance. Don`t worry about what others think cuz you just won a bunch of $$$$$!!!!! So celebrate it enjoy czu you know how hard it is to string so many wins together. Make sure to hi 5 your wife or girlfriend or best friend or anyone that supports you. NOW its the next day what do you do. Its a brand new day the first thing you is read Money management from this site http://sportshaveballs.com/money-management/   Ok refocus for this days picks. Now the following advice is assuming you havent gone up 50% yet from your original bankroll. You bet the SAME AMOUNT as you always do. Read Money Management on this site and understand it. You DO NOT say hey I am hot I am going to up my bet,that only leads to depression and cuts into your HUUUUGE day you just had. You Celebrate the 10-0 you earned it. Its gonna take a lot for the books to get your money. You study You are smart and your not gonna give your 10-0 money back because you increase your bet so much that 2-3 games gives it all back. Be smart put the %s in your favor!!!! Smile cuz you LOVE your winning streak. Follow it up with another winning day. BE SMART BE SMART BE SMART!!!!!